functional and comprehensive programme used to run a pizzeria

Websites-business cards landed on a scrap heap ages ago. Nowadays, in order to mark one’s presence even on the local market, one has to develop a well-planned and comprehensive strategy of company’s existence on the Internet. However, one doesn’t have to hire a marketing agency, spend thousands for a clear website, and employ a specialist to deal with social media, supply logistics, or range of products management, to enable your company to thrive. If you run a pizzeria and need an inexpensive, as well as fast support – PizzaProject will suit you best!

PizzaProject is a solution dedicated to pizzerias. It’s an e-commerce tool which encompasses a number of handy functions improving your business.

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Website builder

Your pizzeria’s website in just a moment

It’s not necessary to hire specialists, you can create a clear, elegant website of your pizzeria within 5 minutes. The website will be utterly responsive, which means that clients will be able to enter it via a laptop, smartphone or a tablet.

A ready-made solution which doesn’t require a knowledge of a software

PizzaProject has been developed as a comprehensive and ready-to-use software used to run a website and social media, manage the order system, courier service, or present the offer. It does not require any knowledge of a software or HTML.

Control panel - everything in one place

As well as being a website, Pizza Project also covers a set of additional functions, thanks to whom running a business is easier:

PizzaProject BOX:

  • installation on own server
  • life licence for all functions (control panel, website builder)
  • free updates
  • possible development by oneself
  • helpdesk for 3 months
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PizzaProject Service :

  • Disc space - up to 3G
  • A monthly data transfer - 5G
  • Control panel
  • Website builder
  • Comprehensive helpdesk
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